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Travelers Education Grants

Travelers supports initiatives that improve academic and career success for under-represented youth, specifically targeted at public schoolchildren in grades five through 12 and in transition to post-secondary education.

WaysToHelp.org Grants

WaysToHelp.org offers $500 grants to individuals with great ideas to address specific social issues, including the area of Education and Development.

Lockheed Martin STEM Grants

One of Lockheed Martin's philanthropic focus areas is the delivery of standards-based science, technology, engineering and math education to students in K-16. The company supports a wide range of STEM activities, and evaluates applications quarterly.

NIH Summer Research Experience Programs

The purpose of the NIH Summer Research Experience Program is to provide a high quality research experience for high school and college students and for science teachers during the summer academic break.

CHS Foundation Mini-Grants

The CHS Foundation grants up to $1,000 to innovative academic and leadership programs that strengthen student learning and enhance professional development.


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