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ExpandED Schools Staffer Is an Emerging Leader

Saskia Traill

Saskia Traill is Vice President for Policy and Research at ExpandED Schools.

Marissa Martin accepts award

Marissa Martin, Director of Policy and Government Relations at ExpandED Schools, accepts an 2015 Emerging Leader award from the National Association of Social Workers.

The NYC Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers celebrated leaders in social work yesterday at their annual celebration. Marissa Martin, our Director of Policy and Government Relations, accepted an Emerging Leader award for putting her community organizing expertise to work at ExpandED Schools and before that, at the Coalition for Asian American Children and Families. The 2015 cohort of emerging leaders were more than inspiring—they were a strong reminder that passion, a natural desire for collaboration, and a deep and genuine belief in equity and caring for others runs deep in the veins of many a New Yorker.

As I heard about the diverse work of the other emerging leaders, I was reminded of the complexity of many people’s lives in the City. Bringing diverse talent, varied expertise, and even more passion into the expanded learning field is necessary for us to close the learning gap for so many of our fellow residents. It feels as if more social workers are leading expanded learning initiatives than a few years ago, in part driven by the connections to community schools, which implement expanded learning, as well as mental and physical health services and parent engagement strategies. The drive for equity and social and emotional well-being is completely aligned to the vision for expanded learning in schools throughout the city. I hope we’ll see more social workers dedicating themselves to closing the learning gap, and thanks to Marissa for leading the charge.

Emerging Leaders in Social Work

Since 2007, the Emerging Social Work Leader Award has been given to 98 individuals demonstrating outstanding social work leadership early in their careers. Pictured: the 2015 Emerging Leaders cohort.






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