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Tough Cookies

Lucy Friedman

I’ve been strolling down memory lane ever since I attended the launch event for Tough Cookies, the new book about the 100-year history of the Girl Scouts by my friend and Scouts’ CEO Kathy Cloning ... read more

Facebook as a Vehicle for Policy Change?

Charissa Fernandez

Image by Sean MacEntee, on FlickrResearch tells us that kids benefit when all the adults in their lives are working in concert, but the adults who are shaping and setting policy seem unwilling or unab ... read more

Weekly Roundup for October 21, 2011

Jess Tonn

>      Brains, brains and more brains. Researchers not only have discovered that teens’ IQs can change by up to 20 points, they have also identified potential treatments ... read more

"I Just Want to Learn Things, You Know?"

Saskia Traill

I recently had a 17-year-old attending an urban public high school (not in New York City) staying with me for a couple of days. I asked him how school was going. He said he was so bored he could hardl ... read more

Delivering on the Promise of Public Education

Saskia Traill

The phrase “delivering on the promise of public education” came up in a meeting recently, and has stuck with me. What can each of us do to deliver on the promise of public education?I was lucky to ... read more

Weekly Roundup for October 14, 2011

Jess Tonn

The economy is on everyone’s minds these days. In The Washington Post, Marcus D. Pohlmann explains why school reform can’t ignore poverty’s toll, while Greg J. Duncan and Richard J. Murnane argu ... read more

21st Century Report Cards

Jess Tonn

This design contest by GOOD got me thinking about how little information report cards actually report to kids and their families. Honestly, I get more data about my performance when I finish a Sc ... read more

A New Kind of Test Prep

Susan Brenna

Brooklyn Technical High School—Photo by limonada, on FlickrThe New York Times reports today on graduates of New York’s specialized high schools who have taken it upon themselves to tutor disadvant ... read more

Weekly Roundup for October 7, 2011

Jess Tonn

>      Richard Kessler reports that federal K-12 arts ed funding is on the chopping block again.>      But here’s one of the many reasons why ... read more

Syracuse is a STEM City

Saskia Traill

I spent the day with leaders in Syracuse discussing how to get more science, technology, engineering and math—STEM—into all kinds of expanded learning opportunities. It was a wonderfully diverse c ... read more


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