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Science After School: How to Design and Run Great Program Activities

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Thursday, September 16, 2010
Science After School Guidebook

What's in the guidebook?

This guidebook contains information, ideas and resources that can help you design a science program that matches your kids' needs and interests and fits within your program. The resources described here can help you increase student engagement in science using methods specifically designed for after-school settings.

Who should use this guidebook?

You do not have to work in an after-school program to benefit from this information. Principals, classroom teachers, community leaders, museum educators, parents, volunteers or people who work in STEM fields can use this guide to support out-of-school time programs in their schools or communities. At the same time, this guidebook aims to help after-school leaders and professional youth workers who want to improve the quality of their programs and engage kids in science learning opportunities.

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Guidebooks & Toolkits


I am new to the STEM of programs; I would like more information on how to use the materials.

Hello! Thanks for your message. We'd be more than happy to help.

First, please check out the Second Edition of this STEM program guide

Second, please feel encouraged to reach out to our STEM Manager Steve Roberts with any other questions. 

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